Kristie Mientka, DVM 

Dr. Kristie Mientka grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts where she worked as a technician at a private veterinary clinic throughout high school, developing her interest in veterinary medicine.

She attended the University of Massachusetts where she earned her Bachelor's of Science in pre-veterinary medicine in 2010. During this time she interned with the Humane Society of the United States in their farm animal welfare section in Washington, DC, and there began spreading awareness of humane treatment for all species.

Kristie earned her veterinary degree from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in 2014. During vet school she traveled to Udaipur, India where she worked at an animal shelter treating dogs, cats, cattle, donkeys and pigs.

She explains: "My trip to India was life-changing! It gave me an entirely new perspective on veterinary medicine and the world in general. It was at this time I developed passions for international veterinary medicine, shelter medicine, traveling and exploring new cultures. During my fourth year of veterinary school, I interned at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals small animal hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

Following graduation from veterinary school I had the privilege of leading a group of students to Chiang Mai, Thailand as staff veterinarian and trip leader for a veterinary services program. Here I worked teaching students principles of veterinary medicine and treated injured elephants, shelter dogs and cats. The people and animals of Thailand are truly amazing." Kristie returned to Thailand in July 2015 to participate in the same program and this trip furthered her passion for elephants and shelter medicine.

Kristie enjoys living in Rushchutter's Bay with her fiance and two kitties: Wesley and Trundle. In her spare time, Kristie instructs spin classes and also enjoys yoga and running.