Luke Hearnden – BVSc (Hons), BSc

Luke started working at Potts Point Vet Hospital in September 2018 – soon after arriving in Sydney and moving into the Potts Point neighbourhood.

He has been a passionate vet for over 17 years – breathing in the full diversity of experiences the world has to offer. While focusing on small animals and emergency medicine for the majority of his career, he has leveraged off his veterinary skills, and sense of adventure, to live in Australia, Africa, North America and Europe – submersed in big cities, small towns, remote places and their respective communities.

Luke graduated from the University of Queensland in 2001 and has worked in large veterinary hospitals and emergency services in Canberra, Brisbane and South Africa. He has a special interest and particular training in small animal surgery, emergency medicine, feline medicine and ophthalmology – but is passionate about all animals.

Having grown up in a medical and science-focused household in regional Queensland, he has always been surrounded by a menagerie of animals –and is currently the proud father of a stubborn little miniature schnauzer (Banksy) with a huge heart and personality to match.

Luke is passionate about living in the community he is working in – getting to know the people and their animal families. Promoting and aiding the human-animal bond has a deep resonance with Luke, and he is passionate about assisting everyone he can have the best possible, and healthiest, relationship with their animal family.

While a dedicated veterinarian, Luke ensures a balanced perspective on work and life -volunteering in remote indigenous communities of outback Australia and training as a professional chef at Le Cordon Bleu in London.

Luke is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you; getting to know your animals and improving their quality of life.