Lauren Wallace

I grew up in Sydney's inner west, going to the local primary and high schools before graduating in 2008. I attended the University of Sydney from 2010-2012, and completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in Health Sciences and Movement Sciences, minoring in Information Technology.
I've always been passionate about animals, and growing up I had cockatiels, guinea pigs, a cat and a dog at various times. I loved their company, although I didn't seriously consider a career in vet care because I felt that I didn't have what it takes to be a vet! But after going through university where my degree focused on health, anatomy and physiology of humans I realised that I would much prefer to work closely with animals, so I didn't pursue my original plan to be a physiotherapist. It wasn't until an undernourished, injured stray cat turned up on my parents' doorstep in 2014 that I realised that I couldn't just let it die without trying to help it, and through the course of his recovery it cemented that I wanted to be able to help animals. After some pushing from friends and my partner, I decided to start studying for my Cert IV in vet nursing in August 2015 (because I still don't think I could make it as a vet!).
The undernourished, injured stray cat did recover, and he is now one of our two fluffy feline babies! He is called Zero, and he's more than a little majestic - especially with his bow tie! We also have Eevee, a beautiful black (brown in the right light) female cat who loves a good snuggle. 
I spend most of my spare time around animals, either at home or anywhere that I can manage! I go horse riding weekly, and have recently begun volunteering at the stables I ride at and also at my local racecourse where they run a rehabilitation program for ex-racing thoroughbreds! I mostly sweep and muck stables out, but I'm also enjoying learning more about horses, how to care for them and how to tack them up. We also foster kittens for the RSPCA, so when we have kittens at home there are many extra hours of playing with them and watching them interact with Zero and Eevee.
If I'm not around animals in my spare time then I'm generally reading or going out with my partner.
Apart from being around animals and being able to help them, I think that I most like the people. There's just something about animal people for me! I don't think I've been in the veterinary field for long enough to have a particular passion, so I am more than happy to try anything! I do like the feeling when animals who have come in sick go back home with their owners all bright and happy though, it's just so rewarding, especially when you see how much joy the owner has when they see their animal feeling better.
I have a bit of an obsession with Asian Small Clawed Otters! I've forced my poor partner to travel around Australia with me to see them at various zoos, and we even got to feed them down in Canberra, at the National Zoo! It was amazing, and I just love them. Whilst I was down there I got a painting of an otter and also a painting by otters! I guess you could say that I'm otterly obsessed ;)