Marilyn SY Wong

Originally from Malaysia, Marilyn has eight years of experience in dog grooming. Her love for animals, however, goes back to her childhood years: “We always had dogs around growing up,” she says.

Marilyn received her bachelors in animal biology and completed her final year thesis studying bats. For this project, Marilyn lived in the jungle for six months collecting data! It was after this that she decided research was not for her, and began pursuing grooming. She attended Starwood Art of Dog Grooming Academy in Thailand where she studied for six months.

Marilyn is skilled at grooming all dog breeds but she has a particular affinity for bichons, miniature schnauzers and Westies. Aside from traditional clips, she can also do creative cutting and colouring!

Marilyn loves living and working in Sydney but misses her four dogs and chinchilla back home. In her spare time, she enjoys running, swimming, rock climbing and “Whats-Apping” with her friends.