Miriam Meek, BVSc, MACVS, MVetStud

Miriam practiced as a veterinarian for more than 20 years and purchased her first partnership in a veterinary practice 19 years ago in the western suburbs (Casula Veterinary Hospital). Whilst building a second hospital in 1995, Elizabeth Drive Veterinary Hospital, Miriam encountered an opportunity to buy another practice in the eastern suburbs, Rose Bay Veterinary Hospital.

As Miriam explains it:

I have been practicing as a veterinarian for more than 20 years, starting in the western suburbs of Sydney (Casula Veterinary Hospital). While living in the suburbs, I had the luxury of space and shared the house with two greyhounds (Kayla and Fran), a German shepherd (Brutus), a Collie (Duncan), the most adorable Siamese cat in the world (Mr. Curly) and his bruiser black and white mate (Picasso), even a cockatoo (Eddie), a galah (Mitch), and a budgie (Red).

I moved to Surry Hills in 2000 after beginning work in the Rose Bay Veterinary Hospital. I love living in the eastern suburbs, especially the vibrant inner city, and moved to Potts Point in 2006 after my old animals passed away. Unfortunately, the confines of apartment living meant that I could no longer surround myself with furry companions. I love living in the inner city and a hospital in Potts Point allows me to be near my patients as well as the galleries, theatres, and restaurants that I enjoy in my down time. I have a small Italian greyhound, Sophia, who is perfect for apartment living. She is my primary consideration from day to day.

During my 10 years at Rose Bay Vet, I obtained further qualifications in feline medicine and was admitted (by examination) as a member of The Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (Feline Medicine). During those years, I also developed an interest in treating animals using broader modalities than simple medicine. The use of acupuncture for relaxation and pain relief, training for behavioural issues, and diet for internal medicine problems have become important features of my care for pets. I like to call this whole-istic care—because I look at the whole animal’s lifestyle, not just its body.

I have worked in country practices and city practices and have been a partner in hospitals both in the east and western suburbs of Sydney. I have also worked in emergency hospitals, both at the University of Sydney and SASH (Nth Ryde). I have been there for pet owners throughout the lives of their companions, in times of good health as well as in times of need. When helping owners through the decisions of health care for their pets, I abide by a mantra of treating every pet as if it were my own—so the advice I give owners is the advice I heed.