Claire Jenkins RVN, MBVNA

Claire has been employed in veterinary care over the past 20 years within veterinary nursing and veterinary care management in the U.K. and Australia, and she has been rescuing bears for an animal charity in China for 18 months.

Claire tells us her background: As a child, all I ever wanted to do was to nurse animals (including pink elephants it would seem) so I feel very fortunate to be in the profession that I love. My parents finally succumbed to daily requests for a dog from me and got me a rabbit! I had Tamsin for 8 years. He was a good friend and I loved him to bits.

I studied and qualified in veterinary nursing at an Agricultural College in the U.K. and have continued to keep my knowledge & practical experience current with continuing professional development courses & certificates.

As a junior nurse, a scared six-month-old Jack Russell terrier cross came into the clinic to be euthanised. It turned out that her elderly owner had died and the relatives thought the pup was aggressive. Feeling sorry for her, I took Jess home for the weekend. A weekend turned into 17.5 wonderful years as part of our family. She was far from aggressive and was eternally grateful and loyal to us. She was very much loved and, though sadly missed, still has a huge place in our hearts (please add) & you will see photos of her young & old in the hospital.

I have filled various roles over the past 20 years within veterinary nursing and veterinary practice management throughout the U.K. and Australia. I have always enjoyed my work and have made many good friends along the way.

I was lucky enough to spend 18 months in China with the team from an amazing animal charity, Animals Asia Foundation>, who work tirelessly to put an end to bear bile farming and animal cruelty.

After a period working in a wonderful clinic in the heart of London, my husband and I returned to Australia. Last time we were here, I nursed and adopted a kitten with flu and took him with us to London. Snotface loves to laze in the sunshine again.

Miriam and I had worked well together previously and had discussed the possibility of one day opening our own hospital. And here we are Potts Point Veterinary Hospital!

I am very passionate about animals and my role as a veterinary professional and am excited about our new hospital in the heart of our community where my husband, son & I live.