Varsha Raman 

Varsha is a full-time veterinarian who joined the team in July 2023. Being a veterinarian is a childhood dream come true, and she is excited to continue her journey with Potts Point Veterinary Hospital and their furry patients.


Before starting as a vet, she initially envisioned herself following the path of specialisation. However, within her first few years in practice, she quickly saw how much there is to learn and gained an immense appreciation for the humble GP vet. Hence, while she still has a special interest in internal medicine, her ultimate goal is to master the art of being a well-rounded GP who is able build meaningful relationships with and show compassion towards both her patients and their families. So far, she has been loving it! 


When she isn’t at work, Varsha is spending time with her husband (Karthik) and family, which includes her two Labradors (Bheem & Tyson), and sassy hand-reared cockatiel (Allunga). She is also a self-certified brunch connoisseur, who enjoys sharing a meal and coffee with her closest friends in her free time.