end of life care

Your dog or cat is more than just a pet. He or she is a beloved family member and an important part of your life. That’s why his or her passing is particularly painful for you and your entire family. At Potts Point Veterinary Hospital, we strive to make your pet’s last days as comfortable and pain-free as possible and help you cope with the grieving process.

There may be many reasons why your pet’s life has to come to an end. We will help you with the decision making and ensure you have all the information you and your family need to understand the factors involved. Most importantly, we would never want your pet to suffer, mentally or physically. Our veterinarians help you recognise the signs or symptoms that will tell us when “it is time” for your pet’s life to end.

Euthanasia is performed with the aid of an overdose of sedative so your pet just falls asleep and then will never wake up.

We offer euthanasia services at the hospital or in the comfort of your home if you prefer. We will provide you with ongoing support if needed. Our compassionate vets and staff never want you to feel alone at this sad time.