Miki Davies
My aspiration to become a veterinary nurse began when I was a young girl that sat eagerly in-front of the TV to watch “Bondi Vet”. Mesmerised by the hard but worthwhile dedication veterinarians and nurses put into their occupation, and developed a high admiration. 
While studying at ACU in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, I was able to explore my interests in biology, epidemiology and anatomy. I enjoyed searching for facts to figure out solutions to medical questions. Through my studies, I thrived off practical, hands-on experience and the feeling of accomplishment that came along with it.
So I’m on a mission! To study Veterinary Nursing at TAFE and apply my newly found knowledge. I received the opportunity to begin my journey as an animal attendant and I look forward to pursuing my studies with the wonderful team we have here at Potts Point.