The veterinarians and staff at Potts Point Veterinary Hospital understand that a well-behaved pet makes for a happier home, so we provide both dog behaviour training and cat behaviour training. This includes developing good communications with your pet, rewarding your animal for good behaviour, understanding how to teach your cat or dog social skills, and how to passively remove unwanted behaviour.

Adult Dogs and Puppies


Dogs understand your communication by using smell and sight. They, in turn, communicate using primarily body signals and, of course, barking. Our staff will teach you how to interpret your dog’s body signals and give you the tools you need to teach your pet appropriate communication. You’ll understand when your pet asks for food, a toilet break, playtime, or love. We offer tips on teaching your dog to sit, pay attention to you, and stop jumping or nipping. We even show you how to train your dog to go to bed or go to the toilet on command. 

If you have a new puppy (or are considering one), check out the details and schedule for our puppy training school.

Kittens and Adult Cats

While cats at times can be solitary creatures, they, like dogs, also need social interaction and lots of love. If your cat will be an outdoor cat, our vets discuss with you the potential health risks he or she might encounter, including illnesses and internal and external parasites. For indoor cats, our staff gives you tips about the need for and best use of scratching posts, the ideal location of your cat’s litter box and how to keep it clean, and how to provide your pet with exercise and proper loving care. Our staff can also show you how to teach your cat commands and tricks just like your dog.

For tips on behaviour training for your cat or dog, call the experts at Potts Point Veterinary Hospital today.