in-house laboratory & diagnostics

Oftentimes, our vets take blood to check for infection, assess the function of your pet’s internal organs, or determine the extent of any injuries your pet might have.

Obtaining a quick, accurate diagnosis of your pet’s illness or injury is as important to the staff at Potts Point Veterinary Hospital as it is to you. For that purpose, we have a brand new in-house laboratory that we’ve equipped with the following state-of-the-art diagnostic technology:

  • IDEXX Diagnostic Blood Analysis Equipment to perform full blood counts, which determine the health and number of red and white blood cells. We also have biochemistry analysers to measure your pet’s blood chemicals and electrolytes. These tests can elucidate disease or altered states of the liver, kidneys, and other organs and screen for diseases such as diabetes, pancreatitis, and hormone imbalance.
  • Veterinary Urinalysis and Fecal Analysis to help determine if there is any kidney disease, while fecal analysis can detect mal-digestion, mal-absorption (such as inflammatory bowel disease), or parasitic diseases your pet may have developed.
  • Digital Video Microscope on the premises allows our veterinarians to evaluate microscopic samples right at the practice and record the findings. You will have your results while you wait, rather than expensive and time-consuming samples being sent to external laboratories.

Our in-house laboratory provides our veterinarians with same day or next day results for a quick and accurate diagnosis, making sure your cat or dog gets the proper treatment he or she needs as soon as possible. This means a faster recovery time for your pet, reducing his or her stress and increasing the chances of a complete recovery.

For more information on blood tests, call Potts Point Veterinary Hospital today.