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Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Certificate of Veterinary Registration
Clinical Pathology
ECG Certificate
Emergency & Critical Care Certificate
Feline Diabetes Certificate
Masters of Veterinary Studies
Bone Biopsy Seminar Certificate
Member of Australian Veterinary Scientists
Oncology Forum Certificate
Oncology Symposium
Pharmacological Bases of Veterinary Therapeutics
Veterinary Surgeon Registration Certificate
Surgery CPD Certificate
Small Animal Internal Medicine
Small Animal Practices
Small Animal Ultrasound Workshop
General Therapy of Tick Toxicity
Updates in Internal Medicine and Surgery


Anaesthesia & Critical Care Cert
Anaesthesia & Critical Care Cert 2
Anaesthesia CPD Certificate
Age & Anaesthesia CPD Certificate
BVNA Congress of 1010
BVNA Congress of 2011
Case Studies in Canine Dermatology CPD Certificate
Case Studies in Feline Dermatology CPD Certificate
Diagnostic Techniques in Canine Dermatology Certificate
European Certificate European
From fat to fit CPD Certificate
Getting More out of Urine CPD Certificate
Guinea Pig & Rabbit Wellness CPD Certificate
Guinea Pigs Common diseases & critical care CPD Certificate
Hills Nutritional Advisor Programme part 1
Hills Nutritional Advisor Programme part 2
Hills Nutritional Advisor Programme part 3
Hills Nutritional Advisor Programme part 4
Hills Nutritional Advisor Programme part 5
Veterinary Healthcare Advisor Certificate
Institute of Leadership & Management Certificate
Intravenous Fluids CPD Certificate
Joint Management CPD Certificate
Pet Obesity - our new understanding of the disease & why we cant ignore it CPD certificate
RCVS / Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate
Rehabilitation in Practice CPD Certificate
Surgical Nursing
Swim to Slim CPD Certificate
The art & science behind pet obesity clinics course Certificate
The Nightmare Patient Certificate
The Spinal patient & decision making management CPD certificate
Training for healthy puppy development / Training the Athlete / Common injuries of working dogs Certificate
Traveling pets CPD Certificate
Advanced Anaesthesia CPD Certificate
What makes a good vet
Wound Management & Effective weight loss CPD Certificate
Wound Management Course