wellness care

In addition to a brand new in-house laboratory, our vets have cutting-edge radiography and ultrasonography diagnostic equipment at their disposal for a full evaluation of your pet’s illness or injury. For example, if your cat, dog, or exotic pet has a heart ailment, has swallowed a foreign object, or is experiencing joint pain, bring him or her to Potts Point Veterinary Hospital. Our staff are expertly trained in the use of both radiographic and ultrasonic technology to provide you with the quick and accurate answers you need.

DR - Digital Radiography

The staff at Potts Point Veterinary Hospital use computer radiology equipment to take radiographs of your pet if it is indicated. During the procedure, your pet is usually sedated to ensure the best possible results. Because the old-fashioned photographic film is not used, the image is digitally captured and we receive those results immediately, allowing us to diagnose and treat your pet as soon as possible. Because the technology is digital, we can email the radiographs to you instantly so we can discuss the case in the shortest possible time.

Dental Radiography 

Digital dental X-Ray is critical for diagnosing underlying pathology hidden below the gum line.



Ultrasound technology allows our veterinarians to examine the inside of organs, such as the kidneys, liver, or heart. The ultrasonography also helps guide our veterinarians as they take fluid samples from the bladder or other organs.

If your pet requires a particular diagnostic service not provided at your current veterinarian and you prefer not to go further afield, contact Potts Point Veterinary Hospital so we can discuss your needs.