Dr. Jana Gale DVM

I have had a passion for animal care for as long as I can remember,
having grown up with bunnies, dogs and cockatiels. I dreamed of being
a vet from a very young age, however I wasn't quite ready when I left
high school and found myself in a career in fashion design and
merchandising. After a few years in this industry I decided to follow
my passion into veterinary medicine, and I haven't looked back. I am
motivated daily by my rescue dog Yogi Bear who I have loved since
adopting him 8 years ago, and who has always been a comfort during
difficult times.

My approach to healthcare is holistic, and I am very passionate about
nutrition with a developing interest in alternative therapies. My goal
is to work with clients to achieve the best quality of life for their
pets as an important member of the family, while also focusing on
preventative healthcare and general wellbeing.