Oliver's Story...

After nurturing and around the clock TLC our little puppy is becoming a beautiful big boy.. born October 1st 2014.

We decided to call him Oliver.. after the little orphan that come good.

Oliver's Story

On a busy Wednesday morning a man walked into reception with a cardboard box. I thought it might be a possum needing our attention so I was surprised when it was a newborn puppy whose mother had unfortunately died giving birth. The puppy was very weak, cold & hungry & needed immediate attention.
The man surrendered him to us & we got him through the first few days & he is going from strength to strength.

Throughout the day he is in hospital letting us know when he needs us & Mim & I take it in turns to tend to him throughout the night.

Our wonderful photographer friend Julianna twoguineapigs Pet Photography popped in to take these amazing shots of him to show you just how gorgeous he is & why we have fallen in love with him already.

Oliver's Story

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Oliver  at 15 weeks old..

Oliver's Story


RIP Our beloved Oli

Sadly at the end of 2022, after a long battle with lymphoma, we had to say goodbye to Oli.

There is a big, black dog-sized hole at our hospital, he will be missed by Miriam, all of the PPVH Team, clients and locals in the park.